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BIG 5 BOYS 2023

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            Rules for Boys Big5

1 Duration of Game …………………………..90 minutes.

2 Substitutes: twelve (12) named substitutes, five (5) of whom can be used.

3 The Home Team is the first mentioned team.

4 The Boys Big5 winner shall be determined as follows:
a. Number of Points
b. Goal Difference
c. Number of Goals
d. Score from Direct Matches
e. The number of Wins
f. Drawing of Lots

5 The sports masters of teams, that do not have their home ground, are required to give three (3) days’ notice to the Referee, Assistant Referees, Press Radio, Television, Zone Secretary, and General Secretary, of the venue of such fixture.

6 Members are requested to familiarize themselves with the League’s Constitution in Order to avoid infringing the rules.

Results 2023

Big 5